help with commons in early Anglo-America

Dear colleagues:

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I am putting together a syllabus as well as a research project on commons and enclosures in the early modern Atlantic and would like to solicit suggestions. I am especially in need of readings about commons in Anglo-America.

Please do deluge your ideas here or to my email if you prefer. I would be so grateful.



Vera S. Candiani

Department of History, Princeton University

Re: Query - 18th/19th c. rural Cheshire and Staffordshire Potteries


I've been studying family networks between 18th & 19th-century British Catholic families, including Richard Chaffers of Liverpool. I'm interested to know which families you're tracing to see if they may also be part of my own research, and willing to share info. You may contact me directly via

Kathy Wilson

Query - 18th/19th c. rural Cheshire and Staffordshire Potteries

I am looking for guidance from anyone who has worked on economic, social, or family connections between rural Cheshire and the Staffordshire Potteries between the late 18th and early 19th centuries (and the interlocking relationships between Cheshire land tenure, mobility, and trade with industrial Staffordshire during this time).  I am working in Cheshire and Staffordshire parish archives, following a series of rural families who move into the pottery-manufacturing industry between the 1770s and 1820s and am trying to put these findings in context.  I would appreciate any good leads on sec


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