TOC: New issue of "Arbeit - Bewegung - Geschichte" (Labour - Movement - History) 2018/1

Arbeit - Bewegung - Geschichte (Labour - Movement - History)  is a triannual academic journal covering the history of German and international labour movements. From 2002-2015 it was known as "Jahrbuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung" (Labour History Yearbook).

ANN: MARX200 - The German Labour Movement beyond Social Democracy and Communism

Germany was not only the birthplace of Marx and Engels 200 years ago, but also the origin of strong working-class movements. While German socialists became dominant in the 2nd International before 1914, the year 1919 saw the split between Communism and Social Democracy—a political line that divided the country between 1949-1989, when West Germany considered itself a “social market economy” while East Germany built up a soviet-style planned economy.

CfP: Workers beyond Socialist Glorification and Post-Socialist Disavowal: New Perspectives on Eastern European Labour History (Vienna, 24-27 May 2018)

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Call for Papers
February 1, 2018


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