Call for abstracts - Special issue: "Agency in an Era of Multiplication of Labor Regimes in 21st Century China"

Call for abstracts for a special issue of China Perspectives/Perspectives chinoises "Agency in an Era of Multiplication of Labour Regimes in 21st-Century China" (Chris K.C. Chan, CUHK; Eric Florence, The University of Liege; and Jack Linchuan Qiu , CUHK), feel free to circulate widely. Deadline for abstracts:15 February 2020.

CFP - Kansas City’s Golden Age? 1918-1941

The Kansas City Public Library and the History Department at the University of Missouri–Kansas City seek papers to be presented at a public conference in the spring of 2016. The conference will explore the rich history of Kansas City in the interwar period of 1918-1941, which has been characterized as an exciting period of growth, development, and cultural fluorescence — Kansas City’s “Golden Age”— even in the midst of rampant public corruption, economic depression, and strained relations among the races and sexes.

Recent historiography of colonial/post-colonial institutions

Hello. I am a Ph. D. candidate writing a dissertation on decolonization and focusing on conflicts over the development of institutions that would form the basis of post-colonial societies.  I would be very appreciative of any recommendations of recent works on the subject. I am specifically looking at trade unions and labor relations; however, I am also curious if similar projects were pursued in other areas (education, for example).

Thank you very much.

Best Wishes,

Josh Esposito

West Virginia University

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