Audrey Truschke
Supriya Gandhi

Gandhi on Truschke, 'Culture of Encounters: Sanskrit at the Mughal Court'

Audrey Truschke. Culture of Encounters: Sanskrit at the Mughal Court. New York: Columbia University Press, 2016. 384 pp. $60.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-231-17362-9.

Reviewed by Supriya Gandhi (Yale University) Published on H-Asia (December, 2017) Commissioned by Sumit Guha

CFP: Secrecy and Knowledge: Social and Cultural Responses to Secrecy: A series of webinars (30.11.2021)

How can we know the unknowable? How do people respond to the secrecy of hegemonic forces? What knowledge do actions of counter-secrecy, such as gossip, rumours, implied suggestions, give rise to, and in what ways and between whom does such knowledge spread?

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