Ringing in the New Year: Notices about some recent books of interest.

The descriptive book notices below are not formal reviews but rather quick summary information about the publications, even if I interject some personal opinions, in one case at some length. The books are ones in Russian which I have recently acquired; thus the selection makes no claim to “cover the field” of important publications in the broadly conceived “Early Slavic” field. 

From Kyivan Rus’ to Modern Ukraine: Virtual Conversations on History, Art, and Cultural Heritage

Dear Colleagues (with apologies for cross-posting),

Please find attached the poster with the registration link for the Virtual Lecture and Conversation Series: 
From Kyivan Rus’ to Modern Ukraine: Virtual Conversations on History, Art, and Cultural Heritage

Inaugural Lecture by Olenka Z. Pevny: “Lacunae of Art History and Kyiv’s Visual Culture”

Date: April 22, 2022, at 12:00pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) via Zoom

Russian History, Table of Contents, Vol. 46, Nos.2-3, 2019


Boris N. Mironov, The Cognitive Abilities of the Russian Peasantry at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Kati Parppei, "With the Tatar Barbarism of Batu:" References to History in Russian Works Concerning Napoleon's Campaign, 1812-1814


Charles J. Halperin, "Do Not Curse Me for My Copying Errors: Sixteenth-Century Russian Manuscript Books"


Early Slavic Panels at the ASEEES-MAG conference, Lviv, Ukraine

Forwarded from Olenka Pevny:

University of Cambridge, Department of Slavonic Studies postgraduate students will present their current research at the ASEEES-MAG conference on the theme “Images of the Other”, to be held from 26-28 June at the University Centre of the Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Ukraine

Upcoming Events at the University of Cambridge

Forwarded from Olenka Pevny:

In the upcoming Easter Term, the Department of Slavonic Studies will bring two prominent art historians, byzantinists to campus as part of the Sense of Place lecture series. These lectures will discuss medieval church architecture and icons and will be of relevance to those interested in the medieval Rus’ past.

Prof. Bissera Pentcheva of Stanford University will speak on 'Hagia Sophia: The Space In-between Heaven and Earth' on Thursday 21 April at 5:30pm in the Umney Theatre at Robinson College. 

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