Mary C. Roark, 1861-1922

Mary Caroline Creegan Roark (1 September 1861 - 1 February 1922) was born just south of Brighton, Iowa, on a family farm in Walnut Township, Jefferson County, Iowa, the daughter of Mary Ann McKee Creegan, of Ohio and Daniel Creegan, a farmer from Virginia.

Re: Kentucky Ratifies the 19th Amendment

This post is a reply to one of the entries on the KWSP Timeline. Kentucky was the 24th state to ratify the "Susan B. Anthony" Amendment - not the 23rd as has been stated in several reputable sources. Rhode Island's legislature had also met on its opening day on January 6, 1920, and passed the ratification resolution in both houses soon after 1 p.m. Kentucky's legislature did not finalize its resolution until just after 4 p.m. the same day.

Biographical Sketches of Kentucky Suffragists

For several years, Alexander Street Press's Women and Social Movements database has been collecting biographical sketches of suffragists.  The collection is organized in three parts--Millitant suffragists, Black women suffragists, and Mainstream suffragists from the National American Woman Suffrage Association.  Sixty-one women from Kentucky were included in the list of mainstream suffragists, and now, all but one have completed essays.  Poor Anna Miller!  We just could not find enough about her to compile a sketch, although anyone who wants to accept the challenge is welcome to tr

KERA Badge for Anna Dudley McGinn Lilly ca1917-1920

Badge with handwritten label "Mrs. Grant Lilly" and yellow ribbon stamped with "Kentucky Suffrage Convention."  Image courtesy of Jackie Couture, archivist. This item is part of the Lilly Family Papers, Eastern Kentucky University Special Collections and Archives, Richmond, KY.

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