Nominate Kentucky Woman for Breaking The Bronze Ceiling Memorial - Deadline November 6

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The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council and Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, have come together with private companies and community members to support the erection of a commemorative piece of public art in honor of the history of women in this area.

1887 Speech by Mary E. Britton in Danville on Woman Suffrage

KY Woman Suffrage

Soon after Kansas granted women the right to vote in municipal elections, Kentuckian Mary E. Britton put aside the racial differences that had torn apart the women's suffrage groups during the 1860s and spoke of her new-found commitment to the cause.

Female heads of household in Kentucky villages gain right to vote in school-related elections

In 1886 the rights of widows and unmarried women (femes sole) paying taxes in cities of “the fifth and sixth classes” — Kentucky’s smallest villages — were extended to include the right to vote in school-related elections.


”A Rap at Kentucky,” Lexington Leader (April 10, 1902).

The Power of Primary Sources - Discovering Hidden Gems That Tell Our Suffragists' Stories

KY Woman Suffrage

Genie Potter sent in a wonderful find that was obtained from (and given permission to publish) The Avery Memorial Association, Groton, Connecticut. I published it here on H-Kentucky as a primary source in our Kentucky Woman Suffrage Project's Annotated Bibliography.

Services for Lydia Avery Coonley Ward, Avery Memorial Association, Groton, CT

Title: "Services for Lydia Avery Coonley Ward"

Publisher and date: unknown, a privately printed booklet [circa 1924?], obtained from and used with permission of The Avery Memorial Association, Groton, CT.


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