Kentucky History Podcast County History Search

Kentucky History Podcast County History Search

The Kentucky History Podcast is on a campaign to document the history of each county in Kentucky.

Topics include: First settlers, cities, towns, communities, churches, sports, and big events. 

We're asking the history community to help us find people who currently live or are from each county and are interseted in being on the podcast for each county of Kentucky. Currently we have already covered Rockcaste, Garrard, and Lincoln County. 

Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall airing statewide starting Feb. 20 with Renee Shaw

This just in from Stuart Sanders, Kentucky Historical Society:

Every family has at least one mystery—an intriguing person, a possible connection to someone famous or maybe even someone infamous. The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is excited to launch a new show set to premiere on Kentucky’s major television markets. Kentucky Ancestors Town Hall will run each month from February to June and features host Renee Shaw. KHS created the series as another way to tell Kentucky’s story, one family at a time.

Hidden History, first podcast for The Reckoning digital project on the history and impact of slavery in Kentucky

With the intricacies of the case surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor, Louisville has caught the attention of an international community of peace and justice activists watching events unfolding in the U.S. Black Lives Matter movement. This scrutiny has influenced the creation of a new digital project focusing on the history and impact of slavery in the U.S. in particular as it manifested in Kentucky.

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