Margaretta Brown Barret 1920

Margaretta Brown Barret (1839-1920), photograph, ca. 1920. Sister of John Mason Brown and suffragist Eliza Eloise Brown Baily, she was a member of the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, Vice-Regent representing Kentucky in the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, a member of the Frankfort Equal Rights Association, and the first President of the Woman’s Club of Frankfort.

Jessie Leigh Hutchinson 1916

Jessie Leigh Hutchinson (1878-1932) grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and when she married E. L. Hutchinson in 1901 she came with him to live in Lexington. Their home was at 631 East Main Street. She served as Vice President of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association in 1907, 1912-15, and in 1917.

Madeline McDowell Breckinridge

Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (1872 – 1920) founded the Women's Emergency Committee in Lexington and the Lexington Associated Charities; she lobbyed for the establishment of the Kentucky Tuberculosis Commission on which she took a leadership role in administration as well as fundraising. She volunteered for and took on several leadership roles in the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs as well as putting out publications for the Kentucky Equal Rights Association (KERA). From 1912-1915 and then 1919-1920 she served as president of KERA.

Josephine Fowler Post 1918

Josephine Fowler Post (1871-1946) of Paducah served as President of the McCracken County Equal Rights Association, Vice President of the Kentucky Federation of Women's Club and was appointed Congressional Chairman of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association along with serving as a member of the NAWSA National Executive Committee.

Christine Bradley South 1918

Christine Duncan Bradley South (20 December 1879 - 20 February 1957) of Frankfort was the president of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association from 1916-1919. She was the daughter of Kentucky governor William O. Bradley and Margaret Duncan Bradley. In 1919 she was elected KERA 1st Vice President and she also chaired the political science committee of the Kentucky General Federation of Women’s Clubs. She led the campaign to start citizenship schools for women in every Kentucky county.

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