Mary Eleanor Tarrant Little, 1872-1917: Louisville Social Reformer and Suffragist

Mary Eleanor Tarrant was born in 1872 in Macon, Mississippi. Her father, Samuel Tarrant, was a civil war veteran and worked as a merchant (in what business is not recorded). Her mother, Eliza Watkins Selleck Tarrant, seems to have had no paying job when Eleanor was born. When the family moved to Louisville sometime in the 1880s, however, Eliza Tarrant kept a boarding house, and when she and her husband moved to Chicago around 1900, she pursued this occupation there.

Anderson County suffragists take on county clerk to assert their right to vote and run for office in school elections

Not everyone believed that they had to follow the new Kentucky law of 1912 that gave "qualified" women the right to vote and run for office in the new county school system. When Mrs. Lee Campbell, principal of a private school in Lawrenceburg (History & Families, 29), went to register her candidacy for the elected position of Anderson County school superintendent, the county clerk at first hesitated and asked her to come back later. Mrs. Campbell returned, together with Mrs. Wallace Moore Bartlett who was president of the Anderson County Equal Rights Association. Mrs.


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