New Issue in JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies

The newly published issue in the peer-reviewed JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies will be of interest to you. As JENdA is focused on research on women in African societies and in the Diaspora, this issue continues the journal's commitment to publish evidence-based research that is engaging and forward-looking. With four incredible researchers, the issue offers a refreshing analysis and approach to their respective topics. All the articles are fascinating read.

TOC - Journal of Eastern African Studies, 13:1

Journal of Eastern African Studies
Volume 13, Issue 1


Editorial announcement
James Brennan, Richard Vokes & Jason Mosley
Page: 1

Special issue: Publics in Africa in a digital age
Guest editors: Sharath Srinivasan, Stephanie Diepeveen & George Karekwaivanane

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Volume: 96, Issue: 1 (January 2019)

Since its founding by Edgar Allison Peers in 1923, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies has become the foremost British academic journal devoted to the languages, literatures and civilizations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Recognised across the world as one of the front-ranking journals in the field of Hispanic research, it is supported by an editorial committee specialising in a vast range of Hispanic scholarship.

TOC: Nuevo Mundo-Mundos Nuevos (Update Dec.2018 - Vol.XVIII)

Nuevo Mundo-Mundos Nuevos

Update Dec.2018 - Vol.XVIII


Politique(s), État et société au Mexique, de la Révolution à nos jours, coord. Romain Robinet - Suite

• Dynamiques révolutionnaires. Politique(s), État et société au Mexique, Romain Robinet


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