Re: Did you publish a book recently?

Dear Dr. Johnson Edwards,
In reply to your solicitation for publication titles on French colonial history that have come out or will be coming out between January 2018 and 31 July 2019, I wish to bring to your attention the publication at the end of May 2019 of the first issue of the Haitian History Journal/Revue d'Histoire Haïtienne, devoted entirely to the Haitian Revolution, its impact throughout the Atlantic World and France: 18th-early 19th centuries (approx. 600pp.).
The Managing Editor: Frantz Voltaire

CFP: Latin American Jewish Studies

Academic Studies Press is pleased to announce an open call for papers for the inaugural issue of a new journal, Latin American Jewish Studies, published in conjunction with the Latin American Jewish Studies Association.

Editor-in-Chief: Darrell B. Lockhart (University of Nevada, Reno)
Reviews Editor: Nora Glickman (Queens College/Graduate Center, CUNY) 

New feature in journal Intelligence and National Security

H-Intel Members:

The journal Intelligence and National Security has announced that it is establishing a new section or feature, in part with the objective of supporting broader engagement with the practitioner community and citizens, and also enabling more timely discussions of contemporary issues in intelligence practice and study (the editors note it can be thought of as something akin to the publication Foreign Affairs, "serious but not fully cited").  The full announcement and description of the initiative ('Perspectives on Intelligence') can be found here:

Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts 2019

The Regional Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (RJSEAS) is an online, internationally peer-reviewed, bi-annual journal in English that provides a platform for local scholars based in Southeast Asia to share their research internationally and seeks to foster academic discourse and promote scholarly interest on Southeast Asia.

Social Science Diliman: A Philippine Journal of Society and Change Issue on Medicine in Asia and the Pacific Available Online

Social Science Diliman: A Philippine Journal of Society and Change (SSD) issue on Medicine in Asia and the Pacific is now available and downloadable at:

Editorial Notes: "Transformations in health in the Asia-Pacific: Two centuries of change" by Mark Harrison

Table of Contents: 


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