Jessie Leigh Hutchinson 1916

Jessie Leigh Hutchinson (1878-1932) grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and when she married E. L. Hutchinson in 1901 she came with him to live in Lexington. Their home was at 631 East Main Street. She served as Vice President of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association in 1907, 1912-15, and in 1917.

Kentucky, Woman's Journal, 13 May 1916

Title: "Kentucky," in News from the States section

Publication: The Woman's Journal (13 May 1916): 157. Snipped from images at the Historical Society of Iowa's digital collection.

This report in Lucy Stone's The Woman's Journal described the suffrage leaders at the Kentucky state convention for the Progressive Party held in Louisville, April 29, 1916. Transcribed here:

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