NEW Digital Teaching Resource: Jason Karlin’s ‘Japanese Media and Popular Culture’ — an Open Access digital initiative of the University of Tokyo

Created and curated by Jason Karlin (University of Tokyo), 'Japanese Media and Popular Culture' ( is an Open Access tool for teaching and learning about Japan. 

REMINDER - Mutual Images 8th International Workshop - Japanese Pilgrimages: Experiences and Motivations Behind Cultural, Spiritual and Religious Peregrinations to and from East Asia

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Call for Papers
June 5, 2020

[I-House] Upcoming Lecture on Japanese Performing Arts in the Spanish-speaking world

On Wednesday, June 5, we are delighted to have Prof. Mauricio Martinez Rodriguez, Visiting Research Scholar at Nichibunken, as a speaker. Prof. Martinez has been establishing a Web Encyclopedia of Japanese Performing Arts in Spanish, which introduces to the Spanish-speaking world Japanese traditional music, dance, theater, intangible heritage, and the Okinawan and Ainu cultures.

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