H-Diplo/ISSF Article Review 139 on “Substate Organizations as Foreign Policy Agents: New Evidence and Theory from India, Israel, and France.”

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Article Review 139

Review Editor: Diane Labrosse | Commissioning Editor: Seth Offenbach
Production Editor:  George Fujii

Nicolas Blarel and Jayita Sarkar.  “Substate Organizations as Foreign Policy Agents:  New Evidence and Theory from India, Israel, and France.”  Foreign Policy Analysis 15:3 (2019): 413-431.

Published by ISSF on 28 May 2020

Query: Yiddish productions of The Dybuuk in Israel since 1948

Dear colleagues,

I would like to know if anyone can provide me with a list (or suggestion where to find such a list) of all the Yiddish productions of the Dybbuk that have taken place in Israel since 1948.  Most helpful would be those that including casting, locations, etc.

Any information that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Heidi Lerner

Re: January 2020 Handgrenade

Dear John,

A brief reply like this is hardly adequate to discuss the weighty question of what constitutes victory or defeat. But I'd like to comment only on your statement "sometimes the cup of defeat is not so empty and bitter after all (the defeat of Egypt in 1973 for example)."

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