Announcement - events at UPENN, the Penn Museum and other venues

From: "Holod, Renata" <>
Date: 5 April 2018

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To celebrate the re-opening of the Middle East galleries:

1.  April 20 -21: Annual Symposium, Center for Ancient Studies, my paper, "On Streets, Markets, Lanes and Houses in not – so - Ancient Cities” is the last on April 21:

Register now: The 16th Arabic Papyrology Webclass: Arabic Documents Referring to Jerusalem (7th - 16th centuries)

Although literary sources provide a very rich image of Muslim Jerusalem (7th-16th centuries), they mostly focus on religious buildings and feasts. In contrast to this, papyri and papers have a clear interest in routine economy. In order to  understand how markets and main streets worked; what houses and garden looked like; where food and water came from; how immigrants and residents interacted, etc., we will combine both. - We will read (mostly published) documents and discuss recents scholarship.


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