Opening post: Peer Review Week

Welcome to the inaugural posts of Feeding the Elephant, a forum for conversations about scholarly communications in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. We begin by looking at one of the elements that makes academic publishing distinctive: peer review. Scholars who want to have their research taken seriously by their discipline have to publish it in a peer-reviewed form, whether that’s a journal article or a monograph or something else. 

Re: Introductions!!!

1) who you are, your rank/institutional affiliation: Janice R. Levi, PhD Candidate, UCLA.

2)what research questions connected you to Klal Rhetorica: I am interested in the notion of rhetoric and how it is tethered to identity construction, maintenance, and performance.

3) what you’re working on, The history of Jewish presence in West Africa.

4) what you hope to get from the community: At this stage, I think learning more about the role of rhetoric in Judaism, recommended reading, and theorizing is instructive.

Re: Introductions

My name is Rafael Chaiken; I'm the editor for Jewish studies at SUNY Press. We publish scholarly books on Jewish literature, philosophy, religion, history, and culture with a particular focus on the modern and contemporary periods; we also publish in Israel and Holocaust studies. Our Series in Contemporary Jewish Literature and Culture may be of particular interest to this listserv.

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