Mastering Oral History: A Concise Guide

Mastering Oral History: A Concise Guide

International Workshop
19 March 2022

There will be two groups (same workshop, different time)
Group 1:   11:00 a.m. Amsterdam time (+UTC 2) for participants from Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia
Group 2:   19.00 p.m. Amsterdam time (+UTC 2) for participants from the American continent
Find your timezone here

Interview Series: Projects and Their People. Їжа та Культура | Food and Culture and Olena Braichenko.

Projects and Their People

Їжа та культура | Food and Culture

Interview with Olena Braichenko

Conducted and translated by Iryna Skubii and edited by Sandra Joy Russell


Re: Recording interviews with mobile phones

Hi Nancy,

Speaking from experience, it isn't recommended to use a mobile phone for oral history interviews. Your phone could heat up and shut down, run out of memory space, the file could become corrupted, or you could experience some sort of other interruptions, like phone calls or texts.

The next best thing is to use an inexpensive handheld recorder like the Zoom H1N. It runs about $100 and is totally worth the investment.

Hope this helps,

Mo Gurrola


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