Interviewing children/ minors

Oral Historians, 

A colleague in my History Dept has added an oral history project to her spring course in response to COVID-19 (she studies infectious diseases). She has a good program design and plans to archive the interviews her students conduct (remotely of course). She asked me today how to handle consent/ release if some one interviews a minor? I sent her our IRB guidelines on consent, but of course, with the new Federal Guidelines OH doesn't go through IRB....

Does anyone have strategies or consent or release forms they would be willing to share? Or advice?

Kathryn Conrad on University Press Publishing

Continuing our coverage of University Press Week, readers may be interested in a recent conversation between Kathryn Conrad, president of the Association of University Presses and founder and editor of the New Books Network, Marshall Poe, about (what else?) university presses.

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