ToC: International Journal of Military History and Historiography, Vol. 40, No. 1 (2020)

Table of Contents
pp. 1–4

Notes on Contributors
pp. 182

The Combat Archaeology of the Fifth-Century BC Kopis: Hoplite Swordsmanship in the Archaic and Classical Periods
By Thomas O. Rover
pp. 7–49

The Pantomime of War: Thoughts About the Horse Games of the Roman Army and the Origins of Imperial Mask Helmets
By Maxime Petitjean
Pp. 50–73

The Battle of An Khe Pass (1972): The Implications of the South Korean Army’s Pyrrhic Victory in the Vietnamization Phase of the Vietnam War
By Hosub Shim
Pp. 74–109

Seminar: Sluga - Is There a Politics of Scale? - 30th January 2020

Thursday 30th January 2020,  4 pm (Central European Time, UTC/GMT + 1)


Glenda Sluga (The University of Sidney / European University Institute)

Politics have always been involved in questions of historical scale. Sometimes the politics are more obvious—at 
no time more so than a century ago, when scientific internationalism encouraged an emphasis on global 
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