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I am working on a book project (Habilitation) on Sino-Swiss relations in the Cold War. I am particularly interested in the use of Switzerland as a hub for Chinese business, diplomatic, propaganda, and intelligence networks.  Unfortunately, I began my research after the Foreign Ministry Archive restricted access to its holdings.

H-Diplo Article Review 714 on “Contesting France: French Informants and American Intelligence in the dawning Cold War.”



Article Review
No. 714
19 September 2017

Article Review Editors: Thomas Maddux and Diane Labrosse
Web and Production Editor: George Fujii

Call for Papers: Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence

In preparation for an online update of the Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence (Taylor and Francis, 2014), a call for papers is being issued. A comprehensive reference work that examines U.S. intelligence practices, history and education, the Encyclopedia of U.S. Intelligence has been designed to be holistic in nature and examines intelligence issues, practices and history from both academic and practitioner perspectives.


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