Re: Question of the Month, January: The Attack on the U.S. Capitol Building

Thanks David
Incredible, if not entirely unanticipated, scenes! In response to some of your questions I have the following thoughts offered as a non-expert on US politics:
The invasion of the US Capitol doesn't seem to have been a coup, which would imply organisation and coordination of a higher standard than was on display. If disruption is the zeitgeist, then this was a disruptive event rather than an insurrection, which implies a sustained, and usually armed, uprising.

Question of the Month, January: The Attack on the U.S. Capitol Building

No doubt many scholars are concerned and have strong opinions about the recent attack in Washington, D.C. I wanted to offer some preliminary questions and reactions, in a scholarly tone, with the reminder upfront that these are open for informed debate. The world is sorely starved for balanced academic discussion, and H-Nationalism is a forum for that. All comments, as per usual, are moderated before publication.

Violence in the U.S. Capitol

Dear Colleagues,

I've been talking with history and social studies teachers on facebook and twitter about "how to address what happened today" in the classroom tomorrow. I have my thoughts, but I'm curious what you would say to the many teachers who are confused and feel ill equipped on how to proceed in the classroom.

What do you think?


Josh Jeffery

Editor, H-High-S

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