SHGAPE Blog: First Installment of "Snapshots of life in the 1918 Flu Pandemic"

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We are excited to share with you the first installment of our Summer 2020 series "Snapshots of life in the 1918 Flu Pandemic." Please head over to our blog to read a graphic essay about the influenza in Alaska by Coyote Shook, a PhD student in American Studies at UT Austin. 



E-Dossier: Six Nations Appeal to the League of Nations: 1922-31

In the 1920s, the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee or Iroquois) Confederacy appealed to the League of Nations for assistance against an invasion by Canada. Today we publish an e-dossier of documents on the appeal from League, Canadian & Six Nations sources. It is available at

Panelist Sought - PCG-AHA 2020 Conference - History of Hydroelectric Development

Panelist Sought: AHA Pacific Coast Branch Annual Meeting in Portland, OR

Drs. Daniel Sims of the University of Alberta and Frank Leonard of the University of Victoria are seeking panelists for a panel on different elements of the history of hydroelectric development for the 2020 annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch (PCB) of the American Historical Association in Portland, Oregon.  If you are interested please contact Dr. Daniel Sims at

Indigeneity as Power: The Transitioning Complex of Eva Morales’ Bolivia

The Conflict Anatomy

Peter Geschiere’s (2011) proposition that the coinage of the term ‘Autochthony’ in Ancient Greece by the Athenians was in reaction to the influx of immigrants, with the intent of curbing their influence through exclusion from citizenship.

Historical Studies in Education / Revue d'histoire de l'éducation - The autumn 2019 issue is now online! Le numéro d'automne 2019 est disponible!


James Miles, "Historical Pageantry and Progressive Pedagogy at Canada’s 1927 Diamond Jubilee Celebration," 1–26.

Bruce Curtis, "Colonization, Education, and the Formation of Moral Character: Edward Gibbon Wakefield’s A Letter from Sydney," 27–47.

Gerald Thomson, "The Determination of the Intellectual Equipment Is Imperative: Mental Hygiene, Problem Children, and the History of the Provincial Child Guidance Clinic of British Columbia, 1932–1958," 48–78.

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