Primary Sources, Colonial Public Health

Dear All, 

I am preparing a syllabus on medicine and empire and am looking for suggestions of primary sources (in English) to be used in class pertaining to public health measures and campaigns in 19th or early 20th century empires (including U.S. colonies).  I am particularly looking for sources related to criminality and/or reproductive health.  Any suggestions of individual sources or sourcebooks will be greatly appreciated; visual sources such as photographs would be helpful as well.


Lance Thurner

Rutgers University

Conference Report: Colonial Agricultural Modernities: Capital, Concepts, Circulations

Colonial Agricultural Modernities: Capital, Concepts, Circulations

Co-conveners: Kris Manjapra (Tufts University) and Sascha Auerbach (University of Nottingham)
Host institution: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin/Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin
Date: March 22 and 23, 2018

Re: H-SHGAPE Question of the Week: the History of Capitalism and GAPE

As a historian of the United States in the world/US Empire, I find it very strange that, in scholarship on US history, studies of capitalism generally focus on the antebellum period. This is odd to me because the GAPE featured the high-water mark of direct US imperial actions, with the colonial war of pacification in the Philippines as well as the myriad US military interventions and outright occupations throughout the Caribbean basin.


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