New collection of images from the Black/African Diaspora


The Getty Images Archive has posted a large collection of images of the African disapora for free non-profit use.  You can learn more at:

From the press release:

Importing images into Zooniverse with a IIIF manifest: introducing an experimental feature

Digital Curator Dr Mia Ridge shares news from a collaboration between the British Library and Zooniverse that means you can more easily create crowdsourcing projects with cultural heritage collections. There's a related blog post on Zooniverse, Fun with IIIF.

Diversifying your presentation images

Jill Hurst-Wahl writes:

"It is important that the images of people we use in presentations - and on our websites - show the diversity that exists in our communities and among those that we serve....  Thankfully, some groups are making diverse images available using various Creative Commons licenses." (Digitization 101, April 11, 2022,


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