This One Simple Trick Makes Permissions Easy and Fun

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Getting permission to reproduce copyrighted material in your own work can be intimidating and frustrating, and most scholars don’t get much, if any, training in how to do it. You won’t be surprised to learn there is no one simple trick, but the following tips aim to demystify the process and make it easier to manage.

Re: Image permissions contact for Russian Museum

Dear Margaret and other Shera colleagues,
We'd be glad to try to add image contacts to our extensive museum [and related] coverage in ArcheoBiblioBase, -- now available at
if you and other Shera specialists would supply a list and help us keep the contacts up to date.

Image permissions contact for Russian Museum

Dear all,

I'm trying to secure permission for an image in the collection of the Russian Museum. I've written twice now to Vera Kessenich and gotten no response. Does anyone know if the contact for image permissions has changed? Or if there is someone else I could try? Any leads or advice are very welcome.

Thank you!


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