Update - Islamic Painted Page database: expansion plus consistent transliteration

The Islamic Painted Page database at www.islamicpaintedpage.com has received a further upgrade. 

This database enables users to locate reproductions, commentaries and online images of Persian, Ottoman, Arab, Mughal and other paintings, illuminations and bindings up to c.1750 CE.

Following the addition of a full search by picture description facility in 2014, the new upgrade resolves issues about transliteration and MS references across the entire database, which has now been enlarged to almost 21,500 entries.   

Course - Study Islamic Art in Windsor, Berkshire, UK (Summer 2015)

Islamic Art Courses in Windsor, Berkshire, UK: Summer 2015
*Courses run from the 27th of June, throughout the months of July and August 2015*
Join us for a unique and exciting opportunity to learn about the visual arts of Islam. Through recreating beautiful patterns and designs from the Islamic world, and learning traditional art and craft skills and techniques, students will gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of Islamic art.

Resource - Islamic Painted Page: improvements to database of Islamic paintings, illuminations and other book art

The Islamic Painted Page database at www.islamicpaintedpage.com has been substantially upgraded. It now includes a full capability to search for paintings by picture description, as well as by MS author, title, place and date of origin, collection and accession details, and other parameters. The user interface has also been improved with a new full-function Advanced Search page.  

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