ISSF Article Review 95 on “The Extremist’s Advantage in Civil Wars.”

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Barbara F. Walter.  “The Extremist’s Advantage in Civil Wars.”  International Security 42:2 (Fall 2017):  7-39.  DOI:

H-Diplo Article Review 749 on “Ronald Reagan’s Strategies and Policies: Of Ideology, Pragmatism, Loyalties, and Management Style.”



Article Review
No. 749
14 March 2018

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CFP: Seeking SHEAR 2018 panelists

Hello H-Shear,    

I’m trying to assemble a panel to submit to the 2018 SHEAR conference. My paper will be on Virginia politics and print culture in the 1820s. A panel description might be “print culture and ideology in the south, 1790-1860,” potentially including political ideology, religious belief, gender norms, and racial ideology.  Another option might be to compare print culture in the construction of ideology in the north and the south, 1790-1860. 

If you might be interested in joining me, please contact me. 


Sydney M


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