CS: Seminar in Modern European History The Revolutions of 1989 in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary

The focus of this seminar will be the decline and fall of communism in three countries which experienced revolutionary change in 1989. It is not to soon to begin examining these events as historians. We will be interested in the following questions: what was the communist system? Why did people oppose it (or support it)? what is a revolution, and was there one in 1989? what are the roles of various factors in that revolution?

CS: Germany and Central Europe in the Twentieth Century

This course will explore the history of Central Europe during the last century. For our purposes, Central Europe will encompass the countries of Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. One of the goals of the course will be to try and figure out the political, cultural and economic links between these nations, and to think about the ways in which their pasts intertwine. The general approach of the course will be regional and comparative rather than national.

Research query: Underground Jewish economy in Hungary pre WW II

I'm looking for sources, preferably in English, but Hungarian will do, about what would have been an underground economy in Hungary between the wars. I'm particularly interested in Jews as loan sharks to other Jews, gambling, smuggling and actitvities of that nature. The geographical focus is in and around Papa. I'm not interested in activities related to getting Jews out of Hungary just prior to WW II. 

Toni L. Kamins

PRIZE: Hungarian Studies Association article / book chapter prize

The Hungarian Studies Association is pleased to announce the Mark Pittaway Prize for best scholarly article or book chapter in Hungarian studies, to be awarded in December 2018.

The award committee is seeking nominations or submissions of scholarly articles or book chapters in any field or discipline of Hungarian studies, published in English in 2016 or 2017. (Articles or books with a publication date of 2018 will be eligible in 2020.)


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