Parade Parodies on Screen: that can't be real, or could it be?

Parade Talk

 Are you a movie director, writer, or someone who thought, “you know, this show would be better with a parade scene”? No. Maybe you’re a person who believes parades are boring? Oh, the horror. Either way, I have a list of humorous parade parodies from movies, television commercials, sketch comedies, and live streaming broadcasts that are sure to make you reconsider what you think about a parade.   

CFP: Center for Jewish History: Laughing at Power, Fascism, and Authoritarianism: Satire, Humor, Irony, and Interrogating Their Political Efficacy

Satire, humor, and irony have served as powerful weapons against totalitarianism and other forms of authoritarianism and authoritarian leaders. Before Hitler was scary, he was considered a joke, someone to be laughed at. During World War II, journalists, artists, writers and film-makers around the globe, used their golden pens, cameras, and paintbrushes to create powerful weapons against fascism. Some of them lived in the relative safety of United States or China, others were in the midst of it all, in Polish ghettos, occupied parts of the Soviet Union, or hiding in French villages.


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