Re: Hand Grenade of the Month October 2017

The notion that Stalin didn't want Roosevelt and Churchill to treat his soldiers as expendable made me smile. If so, it would have been because he didn't want competition.

Roosevelt and Churchill would have been in line well behind Stalin and his generals in that regard.

A Soviet soldier was a cog in a machine and totally expendable in the service of the socialist state, which was demonstrated most recently by the purges of the late '30s. That's why their morale was so high early in the war.

Re: Hand Grenade of the Month October 2017

Of late, I've been studying PQ17. One comment I read was that Stalin refused to believe the loss, believing that Roosevelt and Churchill had lied to him because he could not fathom such a loss. Other than that comment, I've not found anything else about Stalin's reaction, which leads me to wonder if, given such a major loss so early in their relationship, and the legitimate reasons for distrust, if perhaps Stalin's whining was because he feared his troops would be considered expendable.


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