“America the Borderland” podcast

“America the Borderland” podcast

The second season of Moral Courage Radio, “American the Borderland,” concludes tomorrow with its sixth episode. Each season, a team of undergraduate students from the University of Dayton conduct fieldwork at a site of crisis and human rights abuse. Season one brought us to Ferguson, Missouri and for season two a new team traveled to El Paso, Texas in May 2018. Our goal is to shape narrative and shift debate by centering individuals and communities with first-hand experiences of today’s most divisive issues. Listen here:

CFP: Social Practice of Human Rights 2019 (University of Dayton)

Going Against the Grain: October 1-4, 2019

2019 marks 30 years since the end of the Cold War and the beginning of an era pregnant with promise and potential for human rights, democracy, and global governance. While the world has seen substantial progress, we are facing the potential of a profoundly dystopian future instead of the utopia of our dreams.


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