Ana Lucia Camphora
Kirsten Schultz

Schultz on Camphora, 'Animals and Society in Brazil, from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries'

Ana Lucia Camphora. Animals and Society in Brazil, from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries. Cambridgeshire: White Horse Press, 2021. 194 pp. $85.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-912186-17-4

CFP: Invertebrate Art: Ecologies, Practices, Ethics, at AAH 2022, Goldsmiths, University of London

Invertebrate Art: Ecologies, Practices, Ethics

Sarah Wade, University of East Anglia,

Pandora Syperek, Loughborough University London,

Call for proposals for session at the Association for Art History Annual Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 6-8 April 2022. CFP deadline 1 November 2021.

CFP (Edited Volume): Beyond the Human Voice: Dystopian Soundscapes in the Arts

Modern utopias are fictional realizations of an optimistic belief in progress. However, in the cultural history of the 20th and 21st century, dystopias shadow this belief like a doppelgänger. Pandemics, ecological catastrophes reaching to the total destruction of the planetary biosphere, authoritarian states using dictatorial surveillance and torture, self-optimization of societies including artificial reproduction, genetic engineering, and misguided artificial intelligence: literature and film have provided a multiplicity of dystopian world building.

The Animals & Society Institute Issues Brill Human-Animal Studies Book Series Call for Proposals

The Brill Human-Animal Studies book series, in conjunction with the Animals & Society Institute, seeks new proposals from across the various disciplines that comprise Human-Animal Studies. From the humanities to the social sciences to the natural sciences, the series seeks to publish groundbreaking work that advances our understanding of the human-animal relationship.

Animals and Society Institute Policy Papers Series Call for Papers

The Animals and Society Institute, is a human-animal relationship think tank that emphasizes both the academic study of the human-animal relationship and advocacy for nonhuman animals, is launching a policy papers series to analyze and guide governmental decisions relating to animals.

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