How to post to H-SHERA (click here for instructions)

Anyone can browse the content on H-SHERA, but in order to post, users must have an account on the H-Net Commons and be subscribed to the H-SHERA network.

1. Log into the H-Net Commons.

2. Navigate over to H-SHERA and click the orange Start a Discussion button.

3. Create your post, add keywords, preview, and submit.


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Video Tutorial: How to post to H-Announce

This tutorial will show you how to post your announcement to H-Announce, H-Net's free academic announcement service.

Please note that H-Announce does not distribute job postings, which should be submitted to the H-Net Job Guide, or new book announcements, which can be posted at the H-Net Book Channel.

Companion tutorial showing users how to navigate H-Announce coming soon!


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