How to post to H-SHERA (click here for instructions)

Anyone can browse the content on H-SHERA, but in order to post, users must have an account on the H-Net Commons and be subscribed to the H-SHERA network.

1. Log into the H-Net Commons.

2. Navigate over to H-SHERA and click the orange Start a Discussion button.

3. Create your post, add keywords, preview, and submit.


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Video Tutorial: How to post to H-Announce

This tutorial will show you how to post your announcement to H-Announce, H-Net's free academic announcement service.

Please note that H-Announce does not distribute job postings, which should be submitted to the H-Net Job Guide, or new book announcements, which can be posted at the H-Net Book Channel.

Companion tutorial showing users how to navigate H-Announce coming soon!

Re: How to Create and Respond to Discussion Posts On H-West-Africa

Well, Roy and Felix and Niklas,

This was a great post.
I feel like some prehistoric sluggish creature prodded into responding.
Your comprehensive, non-assuming basic and repetitive instructions of the procedure over and over, awakens even social media Luddites like myself into making the seemingly vain effort to get involved instead of grieving the old way, and behold here I am!!

Re: Posting to H-Scholar


As a longtime subscriber to H-Scholar, you remember how much easier it was to post and reply to messages in the old "listserv" days. Now, as you point out, one has to be logged on before replying to a message, and the text of the post to which one is replying does not appear in the "Post a Reply" box, necessitating copying and pasting.

Re: Posting to H-Scholar

Thanks very much, Margaret, for the tutorial on how to start an H-Net discussion.

This is a response to your explanation: "3) If you are reading a post and wish to respond to that post, click on the "read more or reply" link at the bottom of the post. (You may have to log in to your account. You cannot reply or post without an account). The link leads to a page that shows the post and includes a blank field below it. "

Posting to H-Scholar


It is now easy to post messages to your colleagues on H-Scholar.  Here's how:

1) Create an H-Net Account including your name, email and password.  If you have already done this, you may need to log in with your password or you may already be logged in. You only need to set up your Account once.  After that, you can go to your H-Net profile, and subscribe/unsubscribe to any Network you like, manage your subscriptions etc. 

2).  Go to


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