Re: Guide for those seeking access to resources

Scholars without a library should know about the Internet Archive Its many online resources include limited holdings from American libraries, European libraries, and Canadian libraries; the California Digital Library; and journals (among them JSTOR early journal content). Not to mention Internet Archive's own collections.

Guide for those seeking access to resources


Below is a link to an article by Jake Orlowitz entitled "You're a Researcher without a Library, What Do you Do? Investigating Solutions for Frustrated Scholars, Nonprofits, Independent Learners and the Rest of Us."  The article appeared on the website "" which appears to be an online aggregator of high-quality essays. 

Digital scholarship resource guide (comment)


Our sister list H-HistBibl has shared a link to the primer on digital scholarship from the Library of Congress written by Samantha Herron. This is a truly easy to-understand introduction to the tools and concepts beginners need to get started in this area....from explainning what meta-data and .xml mean to providing links to slightly more sophisticated services such as "The Programming Historian" and Gephi.

If you always wondered what all this was about but hesitated to ask, this short guide is for you.

Re: The Programming Historian

What a fantastic resource this is! I immediately zero-ed in on early journals in the Internet Archive, but there is so much more! I'm bookmarking "The Programming Historian" and I hope that it can also be added to the H-Scholar Resources folder.

P.S. To our H-Scholar subscribers: Have you looked at our Resources folder? Are there additional items that you can suggest?


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