Digital scholarship resource guide (comment)


Our sister list H-HistBibl has shared a link to the primer on digital scholarship from the Library of Congress written by Samantha Herron. This is a truly easy to-understand introduction to the tools and concepts beginners need to get started in this area....from explainning what meta-data and .xml mean to providing links to slightly more sophisticated services such as "The Programming Historian" and Gephi.

If you always wondered what all this was about but hesitated to ask, this short guide is for you.

Re: The Programming Historian

What a fantastic resource this is! I immediately zero-ed in on early journals in the Internet Archive, but there is so much more! I'm bookmarking "The Programming Historian" and I hope that it can also be added to the H-Scholar Resources folder.

P.S. To our H-Scholar subscribers: Have you looked at our Resources folder? Are there additional items that you can suggest?

The Programming Historian

The Programming Historian offers tutorials on a wide variety of digital tools that may be of interest to humanists and social scientists.  Among the tools that are available are netowrk analysis, mapping tools, and text analysis.  An especially important tutorial discusses methods for preserving research data.

Using Google Scholar (comment)


Dr. Herbert S. Klein has given us permission to share his "how to" guide on getting the most out of Google Scholar and I am including a link with our thanks.

If you want to consult it later, you can find it in the "Articles and Journals of Interest" section under the "Resources" tab on our homepage. 





Guidelines for Posting a publication announcement on H-Scholar


H-Scholar can now send out announcements of your new books and articles to other subscribers. 

If you wish to share this information, please note the following:

Books/articles must be recently published--within the past 6 months at most.  Only one publication will be accepted at a time.

Announcements must be sent in by subscribers, not publishers.

Marketing information including jacket hype and pricing, must be omitted.

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