Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

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Please accept my apologies for misleading you. For some reason, this column doesn't seem to have a direct link. Try this link (below) which SHOULD go to the section on "Working with your Editor." in the Feeding the Elephant section of the Book Channel. The post on plagiarism should be visible. If that doesn't work, try going to the H-Net commons, then select "H-Net Services" and then select "The Book Channel" If neither of those works, let me know and I will take it up with H-Net.

Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

This is a topic of great interest to me; and thank you for this post. However, when I click on the link you provided, I am being directed to this: , which seems to be about African American history. Is anyone else having this experience?

Josey/Josephine Cooper

CommKit (comment)


The Communication Lab at M.I.T. has posted a website for  "Commkit" articles:  free guides to the nuts and bolts of technical communication including how to write resumes/cvs, slide sets, posters, journal articles, and fellowship applications.  Although the articles are tailored for scientific disciplines such as biological engineering, much of the advice applies to similar undertakings in other fields.

Improve your prose


Nathan Sheffield and the writing studio at Duke University have posted this "scientific writing resource."  It contains pithy tips for making anyone's writing clearer and easier to read. Judging by some of the articles I have been reading, this advice is still needed. Brush up here!

Predatory Publishers

Beware of a journal you've never heard of, that sends you an email message soliciting your work for publication and inviting you to become a reviewer or editor of their journal. This happened to a fellow scholar recently. She wondered immediately why the journal would be approaching her and checked to see whether it was on a list of so-called predatory publishers. Indeed, it is on "Beall's List of Predatory Journals and Publishers" --  -- a valuable resource and easy to use! 

Help for job-hunters (comment)


If you are looking for an academic job, the resume website Interfolio has some helpful blog posts.  Three of the most recent are

"Top resources for Academic Job Seekers" by the Interfolio editors


"Navigating the Academic Job Market" by Dr. Ramon Goings

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