Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, Dr. Shapiro! I exchanged emails with the membership officer of the NCIS on Tuesday and will candidate for membership shortly.

I LOL'd to read your compliment about the General Editor of their journal. Then I saw that it was you!

Doors are opening for me through H-NET.

I would be glad to participate in the NCIS.

Take care,
Robert A. Siegel

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Dear Mr. Siegel,

I suggest that you consider becoming a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, which is the sponsor of H-Scholar. You will find information about NCIS on the H-Scholar home page. They publish a journal, The Independent Scholar; hold national conferences; and offer opportunities for networking.

Joanne Lafler

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

I would strongly encourage you to join two organizations: the American Historical Association and the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. The AHA is welcoming to independent scholars, and has a broad array of resources and opportunities to tap into for presenting work, writing, and reviewing books. At the AHA, you'll connect with historians working in a variety of contexts - from academia to museums to K-12, etc. You might start there.

Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, everyone!  I have a history degree and have worked at local historical societies. Currently, I am administrating in the central office of an urban school district. I enjoy my job but want to expand as an independent scholar.

Specifically, I want to write articles, present papers and review books. Over ten years ago, I did the first two and enjoyed it.  I would also like to network with other Independent Scholars.

What do you suggest?

Robert A. Siegel

Baltimore City Public Schools

SystemRescueCD: when your computer goes on strike and won't boot up


This reference and review (below) came from the Scout Report.  I imagine many of you (like me) keep your work on a very old computer.  If it should crash some day, heaven forbid, this may save your work. 

Be sure to back everything up, too!

I took a look at the website and it was pretty daunting.  I have no way to be sure it would actually work for you.  I would seek expert advice before embarking on this project.  Still, the web link will be right here in H-Scholar if you search for "how-to advice."

helpful advice from the Tropics of Meta (comment)


The "Tropics of Meta" website is a miscellany of blog posts on all sorts of topics that was originally created by a couple of new PhD recipients. 

Among many other posts, it contains some with useful advice for independent scholars.

Ryan Reft explains ways to tailor a search through the job opportunities listed on USA Jobs in "Turning your PhD into a meaningful job with the federal government

how to work with your archivists


a long and helpful blog post on "How can you help archivists to help you? Reference service from our side of the desk"

from the Peel Region Art Gallery, Museum and Archives in Ontario can be found at

here is an excerpt:

Ad fontes: Teaching paleography, archival research, and analysis of historical sources

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