CommKit (comment)


The Communication Lab at M.I.T. has posted a website for  "Commkit" articles:  free guides to the nuts and bolts of technical communication including how to write resumes/cvs, slide sets, posters, journal articles, and fellowship applications.  Although the articles are tailored for scientific disciplines such as biological engineering, much of the advice applies to similar undertakings in other fields.

H-Net email headers (administration)


H-Net has been having some difficulties with the e-mail transmission of its announcements.  The system seems to be operating fairly smoothly now, but you may notice a chance in the e-mail headers.

The "from" line of the header used to read:

H-Net Notifications <>

The new "from" line reads


Library Carpentry


If you find the lessons in The Programming Historian a little too technical, you might take a look at the Library Carpentry website.  This lists actual in-person classes but also provides online lessons for librarians trying to wrestle their data into submission.  It includes a set of basic introductions to topics such as spreadsheets that all scholars will find helpful when embarking on a digital or computer-aided project.

Lessons include an introduction to Data, using Git and GitHub, an introduction to Python and (my favorite) "tidy data."


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Video Tutorial: An Overview of H-Announce

This tutorial will give an overview of how to browse academic announcements on H-Announce, H-Net's free academic announcement service.

Please note that H-Announce does not distribute job postings or new book announcements. For these, please visit the H-Net Job Guide or the H-Net Book Channel.

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