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If you find the lessons in The Programming Historian a little too technical, you might take a look at the Library Carpentry website.  This lists actual in-person classes but also provides online lessons for librarians trying to wrestle their data into submission.  It includes a set of basic introductions to topics such as spreadsheets that all scholars will find helpful when embarking on a digital or computer-aided project.

Lessons include an introduction to Data, using Git and GitHub, an introduction to Python and (my favorite) "tidy data."


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Video Tutorial: An Overview of H-Announce

This tutorial will give an overview of how to browse academic announcements on H-Announce, H-Net's free academic announcement service.

Please note that H-Announce does not distribute job postings or new book announcements. For these, please visit the H-Net Job Guide or the H-Net Book Channel.


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Video Tutorial: How to post to H-Announce

This tutorial will show you how to post your announcement to H-Announce, H-Net's free academic announcement service.

Please note that H-Announce does not distribute job postings, which should be submitted to the H-Net Job Guide, or new book announcements, which can be posted at the H-Net Book Channel.

Companion tutorial showing users how to navigate H-Announce coming soon!

New Document on H-Scholar


With the assistance of Rick Anderson, I have posted his article on Copyright and Open Access which originally appeared in the American Historical Association's Perspectives.

You can find this article and a few others that have lasting value in the "Resources" tab at the top of the H-Scholar homepage. 

You can also retrieve other useful articles by entering the search term  "How-to" in the seach box on the H-Scholar homepage.  This will also retrieve some discussions posted to the list about how to particpate in H-Scholar and H-Net.

Call for new H-Sport Journal Watch Contributors, Thanks Duncan Jamieson

Duncan Jamieseon, who has served as an H-Sport Advisory Board member since the beginning of H-Sport and as an H-Sport Journal Watch contributor since the resource began in 2011, has stepped down from his role as a Journal Watch contributor. The H-Sport team thanks Duncan for his dedicated service to H-Sport and looks forward to continuing to work with him as an Advisory Board member.

Update on the H-Asia editorial team (2016)

The H-Asia editorial team has become larger and more international than ever with the addition of several new volunteers over the past few months. Beween us we cover eight different countries (and many time zones): Austria, Brunei, Canada, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the USA. Few of us have actually met each other in person; our communication with each other is via email and H-Net, as it is with most of you.

2015 update to How to Give a Conference Paper

2015 update to How to Give a Conference Paper by Edward James and Farah Mendlesohn.  This is a supplement to the earlier article entitled "How to Give a Conference Paper. "  The  co-authors have recently updated it and it is reprinted here with their permission.

Administration: reminders, notifications, holds


The H-Net Commons interface is now much easier to use.  If you haven't tried it, we are eager to hear from you.  Here are some hints about receiving list mail/notifications.

If you are reading this online, you may want to change your "Notification" settings so that you get H-Scholar posts in your email. 


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