Deadline Approaching - Horror Comes Home (edited collection; abstracts 1/15/18)

CFP: Horror Comes Home

Deadline for Abstracts: 1/15/18; Essays: 8/1/18

The horror genre in film and television is no stranger to images of home. As Carol Clover notes, most horror occurs within a “terrible place,” often a space that, in fact, represents home, transforming it from a refuge to a prison or a supernatural battleground.

What Does the “Washington Post March” Have to Do With the Embassy of Peru?

What Does the “Washington Post March” Have to Do With the Embassy of Peru?

by Stephen A. Hansen*

PUBLISHED: JULY 14TH, 2014, Intowner newspaper


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Houses as History: Historic/al Houses as Museums

This course explores the history of the family/household through the architectural design and material culture of, and social practices within, dwellings created in North America from the 17th through the 21st centuries. We will investigate the evolution of the historic house museum and its interpretation to comprehend the political, social, and cultural implications of local, regional, and national commemoration and memory.


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