CFP: "Horses, moving," Stavanger, Norway, 25-27 September 2018

Greetings from Norway, where I am helping organise an interdisciplinary conference called "Horses, moving" at the Museum of Archaeology, Stavanger, Norway on September 25th-27th, 2018.

Keynote speakers are professor Lynda Birke, University of Chester, and professor Anita Maurstad, University of Tromsø.

Equine History Collective seeks book reviewers

The Equine History Collective's blog is up and running at Each Sunday we will run a short book review, and are seeking submissions. More information can be found at We also welcome calls for papers and museum reviews, which will run when submissions are accepted. Anyone working on an equine historical project is invited to submit a listing to EHC.

Call for Papers Special on Sessions Medieval Equestrianism at the International Medieval Congress 2017, Leeds

Venue: Leeds, UK

Dates: 3-6 July 2017

‘It is intriguing to reflect that everyone in the Middle Ages, as a matter of course, must have been able to guess the social rank of every horse that came in sight, just as they recognized ranks of people. Horses and people intermingled everywhere, locked in a relationship that made indispensable to each other.’ (Joan Thirsk, ‘Foreword’ to Ann Hyland, The Horse in the Middle Ages)

QUERY: Price History for Horses

Would anyone know, or can recommend a source, on how much a horse cost in the late 16th century Holy Roman Empire (south preferably)? All I could find was mid 16th century and then it was around 6-10 crowns. But inflation surely would have driven up the price.

Also, how would a lady have arranged her clothing, riding on a horse for longer distances? I understand, there was no special clothing. Did they wear stockings under the skirt, or a hose?

Karin MacHardy

Professor Emerita

University of Waterloo

Query: 1925 Ben Hur animal cruelty references

Hi Bernie,

Courtney White's dissertation from USC film school "What Looked Like Cruelty: Animal Welfare in Hollywood: 1916-1950" discusses these kinds of primary sources, although for an earlier period:

Beyond periodicals like Variety, I think some of that kind of thing is probably in the autobiographies of actors and others involved in the production.

- Susan

Query: 1925 Ben Hur animal cruelty references

I'm interested in contemporary references and discussions of the 1925 film Ben Hur and the claim that 100 horses died in it.  I'm not interested in recently published web material on this topic, for none of that seems to be rooted in historical sources.  Book or periodical references needed and appreciated.

Bernard Unti


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