Call for Papers: Religion and Ethno-nationalism in the Era of the World Wars

Call for Papers

Religion and Ethno-nationalism in the Era of the World Wars

May 21-23, 2017

University of Toronto



The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United

States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Chair of

Holocaust Studies, University of Toronto


invite scholars, including advanced graduate students, to submit applications for a

75th anniversary of Lithuanian Holocaust and response to double genocide - documentary and declaration

75 years ago, in June 1941 local nationalists killed Jews before the Nazis arrived and established their authority in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine. Rather than confront this past it is easier to rewrite history, which is now government policy in the Baltics, Ukraine, Poland and Hungary. This led Eli Wiesel to comment that the “authorities are encouraging the whitewashing of tragic and criminal episodes in Hungary’s past”.

Call for Papers: The Holocaust and its Aftermath from the Family Perspective (Prague, March 2017)

Applying gender analysis to the field of Holocaust Studies has yielded important results. Whereas before the 1990s, most Holocaust scholarship focused almost exclusively on the experiences of male victims, expanding to include women’s experiences has both opened up new areas of inquiry and raised crucial questions about established areas. And yet this developing scholarly conversation has limitations as well.


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