Mediterranean Maritime Cargoes of Herbal Medicines.

Dear Maritime Historians,

A new free paper is now available to download, titled Plant Series, No. 8. MS408, Paris quadrifolia. The paper reveals some remarkable historic information about the use of the plant's toxins for treating conditions, diseases and infections. The plant also had religious significance due to its physical appearance, so it was believed to possess godly powers. These papers provide a good deal of information about the cargoes of medinal herbs transported around the Mediterranean Sea during the Medieval. 

Linnaean Folklore Rediscovered in the Med.

Dear Maritime History Scholars,

You may be interested to read that the source of Linnaeus' idea behind using the mythology about Andromeda and Perseus to name a plant genus has been found in a page of a Medieval manuscript, dating from 1444. This tell us something about the maritime geographical connections in the Mediterranean over the past centuries, as the manuscript originates from Ischia. 

Article of Interest: "Adm. Schultz Becomes 26th CG Commandant" by Frank McCormack

Adm. Schultz Becomes 26th CG Commandant


The U.S. Coast Guard is under new leadership following the June 1 change of command ceremony, held at the Coast Guard’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., during which Adm. Karl Schultz relieved Adm. Paul F. Zukunft to become the agency’s 26th commandant.

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