Re: Digital War History

Dear Nina,

Regarding digital websites for the Second World War, I've found that CARL - The Combined Arms Research Library (Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library) is a good resource, as is HyperWar. The National Archives UK has many digitalized records and can also copy and send documents to you. I also have had excellent support from the Eisenhower Library and US Army Heritage and Education Center - it depends on what one is searching for.

Re: Digital War History


I am guessing that you are looking for narrative based websites that layout the conflict in narrative terms rather than curated or document hosting sites? Sites that present a beginning, middle, and end of the conflict in a form resembling that of a book? If that is so, I am very unfamiliar with such a site and presentation.

Re: Digital War History

Another source[s] for war history and the 20th Century can be found in 5 Presidential Libraries. Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson, Presidential Libraries all have online sources available. Have briefly looked at some without getting to their complete collections and details.

Re: Digital War History


The use of digital history has not been a strong area of mine in recent years, I am still very book bound and only very rarely visit the online material if nothing else is available. That is largely a product of being a Gen-Xer and raised on books and gathering as many of them as possible. Also, I have found a lot of gaps and bad information online so it is taking me a long time to trust digital history sources.

Digital War History

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for an exchange about digital content on war history and your experiences with different tools, software, platforms, websites etc. for any time period and region. 

I am interested in a wide range of projects: from the digitisation of military records to (online) biographies and battle mapping. 

I would like to build a network with experts specifically working on war history and its digital implementation in research, education and the public sector. 

Best regards from Luxembourg,

Nina Janz


CfP: War Times in the 18th century. Perceptions and Memories (ISECS: Early Career Seminar September 25–30, 2022)

ISECS: International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Seminar for Early Career Scholars 2022 | SOG18

September 25 – September 30, 2022 in Schloss Seggau/Leibnitz (Austria)


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