CFP for NWSA 2018 Panel "Imagine a Future without Rape"

This panel would address either subtheme two ("Rethinking Gender, Sexaulity" and etc.) or five ("Revolutions and Utopian Projects") of this year's National Women's Studies Association annual meeting on the topic of "Just Imagine. Imagining Justice: Feminist Visions of freedom, dream making and the radical politics of futures." Ideally it would bring together 3-4 scholars from various disciplines who study sexual violence, and invite them to imagine a future without rape.

Fellowship: CrossCurrents Rsearch Colloquium - Gender, Transgender and orther Transitions

Fellowships are available for the 2018 CrossCurrents Research Colloquium.  We seek applicants who can address our topic from a Jewish perspective.  Spend the month of July in New York working on a research or writing project of your own design and collaborate with others engaged in this issue from Christian, Buddhist, secular and other perspectives with access to Union, Auburn, Columibia University and Jewish Theological Seminary Libraries.

Application Deadline:  February 15


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