Re: Recent graduate seeking advice about potential Ph.D. programs

Hi Elizabeth,
While I'm in Comparative Literature myself, my advice in narrowing down graduate programs is this: find professors that you want to work with, or schools with particularly strong departments in your particular area of expertise. Are there academics out there who have published in your field, who do work that is similar to yours and whose guidance you would appreciate? If so, look at those schools. (Incidentally, since you mention studying a Philadelphia epidemic, the University of Pennsylvania may be a good choice for you; it has a very strong STS department).

Recent graduate seeking advice about potential Ph.D. programs

I have recently graduated from a Master's program in History. I would like to further my education and have started the process of seeking and applying to Ph.D. programs, preferably one that works with the history of medicine. My Master's Thesis was based around the arguments and evidence that was published by several doctors who had experience with Philadelphia's 1793 yellow fever epidemic. I have an interest in epidemics throughout history, both American and European, and especially like to focus on the doctor's arguments that were created during and after these epidemics.

CFA Reminder: NY Academy of Medicine History of Medicine fellowships

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