Re: The Future of the History Major

Hi Eric,
If you're looking for specific evidence/ammunition for successful career outcomes for history majors:

Here's a list of CEO's with liberal arts degrees (Carly Fiorina of HP studied Medieval history as u/g)

and the careers list from the AHA:

Re: The Future of the History Major

Thanks, Ginger, for adding an important materialist perspective to this conversation.
It's not just sports writers who benefit from the axiom: follow the money.
You framed your comments in terms of political economy; I'd push that even further toward an old-school historial materialism (however unfashionable these days). Unless we understand the basis of survival for high ed institutions, our students, and their families, we can't imagine how to change course during a period of tumultuous change.

Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE) is Seeking Graduate Manuscript Reviewers

Hello! My name is Danielle Lorenz; I am the 2018 Managing Editor for the Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education (CJNSE), and a PhD candidate in Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. CJNSE is an open access, bilingual non-masked, peer-reviewed journal published by graduate students for the dissemination of works by graduate students at Canadian universities. 


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