Imaging the first printed edition of Euclid’s Elements

Adam Gibson writes about an interesting project involving modern imaging methods and early printing innovations:

"Some time ago, Tabitha Tuckett in UCL Special Collections and I had a stimulating chat which sparked a handful of potentially intriguing projects. Today’s was to see whether we could find any interesting features associated with the printed diagrams in the margins of the first printed edition of Euclid’s Elements.

Euclid wrote the Elements in about 300BC and it effectively defined mathematics for the next two thousand years...

"Law Books: History & Connoisseurship," June 10-15 at Yale

Rare Book School is now accepting applications for "Law Books: History & Connoisseurship," a week-long, intensive course that will be offered June 10-15, 2018, at the Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut.
This year marks my sixth time teaching the course, and the first time that I will be most ably assisted by Ryan Greenwood, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections at the University of Minnesota Law Library.
This intensive, week-long course is about building focused, interesting, and useful collections of historical materials in A

Recent H-Net book reviews

Ronald R. Kline.  The Cybernetics Moment:  Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age.  Baltimore  Johns Hopkins University Press, 2015. xi + 336 pp.  $54.95 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-4214-1671-7.

Reviewed by Michael Burnam-Fink (Arizona State University)
Published on H-Sci-Med-Tech (November, 2017)
Commissioned by Sean Seyer



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