CFP: ISLPMC Meeting and Wilhelm-Keiffer Award, New Orleans, LA, Sept 2018


The International Society for Landscape, Place, and Material Culture (formerly Pioneer America Society) will be holding its 50th Annual Meeting from September 26-29 in New Orleans. Please join us! This group seeks inclusion of scholars from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to History, Geography, Preservation, Material Culture, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Studies, Archeology, Sociolog providing strong participation. 

Journal of the History of Ideas Blog seeking Contributing Editors

The Journal of the History of Ideas Blog promotes a wide range of scholarship on intellectual history, and we are eager to include scholars on our team of Contributing Editors who can promote work that integrates the study of geography and history. Contributing Editors either write their own or commission a short piece every 4-6 weeks.

HistGeogUni Lecture 2018 with Dr Heather Ellis (University of Sheffield)

You are cordially invited to attend the annual lecture of HistGeogUni - A global research network on the historical geographies of the university ( organised in the Department of Geography at Loughborough University:

HistGeogUni Annual Lecture 2018 

by Dr Heather Ellis (University of Sheffield)

Ristow Prize for the best essay in the history of cartography, sponsored by the Washington Map Society

Students of the history of cartography are invited to submit papers for the 2018 Ristow Prize competition. Undergraduate, graduate, and first-year postdoctoral students of any nationality are eligible to compete. Papers must be in English, not exceeding 7500 words, and should be submitted digitally as a PDF document to or in hard copy postmarked no later than June 1, 2018, to Evelyn Edson, 268 Springtree Lane, Scottsville, VA 24590, U.S.A. Appropriate illustrations, especially maps, are encouraged.

The Unknown Northwest Passage - new Champlain Society podcast

The Champlain Society Podcast on Canadian History

The Unknown Northwest Passage

Greg Marchildon talks with Ken McGoogan on his book Dead Reckoning: The Untold Story of the Northwest Passage (HarperCollins, 2017). This podcast was produced by Hugh Backhurst and Pernia Jamshed in the Allan Slaight Radio Institute at Ryerson University.



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