History of Human Heredity, US to 1860, Citizenship, Morality

Greetings – It seems that H-Net has made it more difficult to sending things more generally. I apologize for cross-posting. I am revising a book manuscript and I have a question (a big one) that I’ve been trying to chase that I haven’t had much luck with, which may mean I’m actually on to something new, but that almost never happens so … I’m looking at the history of human heredity in America from the Revolution to the Civil War.

Jews versus Atheists: the Wikileaks Hubbub

The first day of the Democrat  Convention in the USA was marred by scandal. This blog is about how uninformed most commentators are about the entire subject of "race" not to speak of the history of religions in the West.

Jews vs. atheists: the Wiki-leaks hubbub

Yesterday (July 24, 2016) Fox News Channel was excited about the email wondering about Bernie Sanders possible “atheism” (a stance that would have sunk Dems in Southern Baptist country).


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