ANN: The Jupiter Missiles and the Endgame of the Cuban Missile Crisis, 60 Years Ago

Turkey’s Defense Minister: Removal of Jupiters Would Hurt “Confidence” in U.S., Depress Morale

Kissinger: “Almost Everyone” in Italian Leadership Believed There Was U.S.-Soviet Agreement on Jupiters

Part I: U.S. Demarches to Italy and Turkey and Their Reactions

Edited by William Burr and Leopoldo Nuti

Re: H-Diplo/ISSF Forum 35 (2022) on the Scholarship of Nancy Bernkopf Tucker

I am going to put myself in a position that seems strange and unnatural to me: defending President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

Professor Rigger describes Professor Tucker’s “moral outrage,” which she clearly seems to share, at the way Nixon “betrayed” Taiwan while opening up something close to normal diplomatic relations with China in 1972. There are two reasons I do not share the outrage. I do not feel the United States owed a great deal of loyalty to Chiang Kai-shek’s government on Taiwan, and I think Nixon’s policies did very little harm to Taiwan.

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade

Correction to posted FAQ, Oct. 64. The article is found in Oct. 1963. Also there is an article by Gen. Paul Stehlin, former French Air Force Chief of Staff and NATO Representative. FAQ Vol. 42, No.1.

Also found there is another article fro Fritz Erler., former CoChair of Germany's Social Democrats.

Hit the 4 when should have hit the 3 in dating.

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade

Control of Nuclear Weapons for NATO and European Defense

Another matter raised recently thru Sept. offered commentary by Prof. Kuehn was the status of US relations with NATO and Europe; if such, were normal or some departure from regualrity.

Part of an answer to this topic and substantive history can be found in October, 1964 copy of Foreign Affairs Quarterly, particular to the Article published there by Air Marshal Sir John Slessor and shown with this post, its opening paragraphs.

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade


Prof. Kuehn's thoughts regarding the US-Europe via NATO relationship raises one additional observation this date. In military history and US military history from the Cold War brought about by the world-wide conflict with Communism, both in the Atlantic region of Europe over Russia [Soviet Union] and the Pacific region with China, US policies and practices despite any differences with Europeans within NATO was generally successful deterring major warfare as result from Containment.

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade

Thank you Ralph,

Have long since reached the same conclusion, and consider your conclusions completely accurate.

Posted, Nixon's 5yr. FDYP, a few days ago on H-War. It served as foundational to his plan, for a full generation of peace, 30 yrs. after withdrawal from the Vietnam War by US.
Vietnam was essentially a 'Holding Operation', by those who sacrificed so heavily; until changes were developed, in overall situation, allowing withdrawal. Have recently thought an analogy to Verdun may be appropriate for So. Vietnam

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade

Anniversary to 20th Century and Creation of the Modern World: Poland Invaded to start WWII:

This date, 1 Sept. 2021 remembers the Day WW II commenced with Invasion of Poland. It reminds 82 year have now passed since; brining about both NATO and US presence in Europe and around the globe thru postwar creation to rid the Earth of those forces opposed to both the US and Democracy; to Freedom.
Below is a poem written, 1940 and a view to that begin to WW II thru you tube online reference.

Re: September 2021 Handgrenade

31 Aug. 2021

Quite a characterization Prof. Kuehn offers. Myth, when did it or does it become one ? Truth is course of NATO relations were probably never smooth or/and easy. Prof. K was correct but it was not necessarily common knowledge. Charles de Gaulle unless some have forgotten never was sold on NATO. He as far as back to WW II proved difficult for the coalition of Allies seeking the victory of WW II.

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