Changes to H-Net mailing lists

For over two decades, H-Net has used the venerable and high-powered LISTERV product to provide mailing list services for its networks and scholarly partners.  With our move to the H-Net Commons five years ago, and the attendant reduction in mail volume, it became difficult to justify spending H-Net's limited dollars on a support contract for the software.  As part of our modernization campaign, H-Net is now retiring LISTSERV.  We'll continue to operate a mailing list server using the open source software package mailman, to cover the few lists which still remain a

Changes to H-Net's hostnames

When H-Net decided in 1994 to develop a physical home for its computing resources instead of depending on the charity of widely scattered institutions, Michigan State University stepped up to provide initial technology support, office space and other resources.  One of the legacies of that era is that our original hostnames all ended in  

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