Looking for Panelist for AHA 2024 in San Francisco - Oral History of care

I am trying to put together a last minute (due February 15th) proposal for the AHA in January 2024 in San Francisco. My co-presenter and I both work in the Oral History of care/caretakers. I work on the lived experiences of New York Nurse Practitioners in the early days of the profession (1970s-1990s), while my co-presenter works on the Houseboat Community in Sausalito, California (1960s-1970s). We are looking for a third presenter who would be focused on either healthcare or other forms of care/caring.

Morag Martin


History Department

SUNY Brockport

Social Justice-Oriented Bioethics: Kelly-Blake and Valles - Episode 25


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In 2021 the former Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences has gained new leadership, an updated mission, and now a new name: Center for Bioethics and Social Justice. This episode features a conversation between Director Sean Valles, PhD, and Assistant Director Karen Kelly-Blake, PhD.

Seeking Panelists: Multiple Topics, Social Science History Association Meeting November 8-11, 2018


I am organizing several panels for the SSHA Labor Network for the 44th Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association in Phoenix, November 8-11, 2018. I am seeking panelists and commentators for panels on the following topics.

NEW FRONTIERS IN LABOR ORGANZING/ALTERNTIVE FORMS OF ORGANIZING: Topics could include how workers are organizing outside of labor unions and how unions are utilizing new strategies to deal with adverse political climates.

Labor History in health care

Good evening,

Can anyone recommend books or articles about labor history in U.S. health care?  Besides Leon Fink’s “Upheaval in the Quiet Zone” I am at a loss for additional material.  I am particularly interested in manufacturing unions that organized health care workers who worked in close proximity to their “traditional” members.  

Thank you,

John Lepley

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